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March 14, 2010

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What a phenomenal weekend. I accomplished & did so much! I went to a clothing swap in Shoreditch where I ended up finding some quality pieces! The lovely girl who was hosting it ended up being a Canadian! It seems these days I can never stray too far without bumping into one. Interviews went well? ahaha. I deaked out of my last one to go to a football game instead. Not that I need to justify myself, but it was a friends birthday & celebratory drinks would not have been in my hand if I had gone, I think I made the right choice.

Today was gorgeous, unlike my hungover self, so I ventured to Portobello Road. I love Nottinghill too much. I wish I could transport all my lovely opas & bfriend there so we could live in a bubble of Edwardian architecture, iron fences & markets full of old & new treasures.

To top off my day I rented some films from my local library, of which I’m going to watch as I curl up in my bed & shake off the ciders from last evening.

& my grey ASOS buckle wedges were restocked! So, naturally I bought a pair.

AWESOME weekend.

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