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So, Canada!

February 21, 2010

I’ve been realizing more and more how much I actually love Canada. I’ve kind of in way forgotten how fortunate I truly am to live in such a beautiful country. You tend to take it for granted as you make your ‘To Do & See’ list for other parts of the world. Everything else seems far grander when you compare it to sights you’ve lived around for years. This weekend I bumped in to a couple sporting their Olympic gear on the street. I don’t know what got in to me but I had this sudden surge of excitement! I think the couple thought I was completely mad with the words coming out of my mouth a mile a minute but it was nice to converse with them about our homeland. I love how Vancouver is hosting the Olympics this year, the build up of winning some medals leaves me in a constant state of anticipation for each winter event I watch. I LOVE IT!
With that said, I certainly do not miss our winters. The past few days in London have felt like Spring. There are even flowers springing up and budding! It’s February? How I love the weather here.

Somerset House was beautiful, as for the crowds that it drew in, ugly. I didn’t have a ticket nor did the rest of the girls standing with me but I witnessed a few sneaking in to the BFC tent. It was complete chaos because of HoH, so much so that I had to leave. Girls can be so vicious! Everyone’s dark side came out yesterday. I’m glad I opted out of that fashion mob and went to a near by cafe to watch a live stream of Unique & HoH. Best seat in the house!

I found this article from The Global Herald very insightful. The way the world is going, bloggers are multiplying. I do agree that most fashion bloggers think they should have a front row seat, while in reality they should stand outside with the fashion mob like the rest of us. However there are a few blogs that I often frequent who I believe shouldn’t be classified as just a blogger but a journalist. I enjoy my daily dosage of the handful of blogs I have ‘favourited’ on my mac. It’s a very personal style of journalism I find. Posts aren’t filtered or edited, they’re very raw and unique to the so called blogger voicing their opinion.

With that said, check out these beauts from Holly Fulton!

Killerrrr shades

Love, love, love the envelope clutches & sky scraper geometric shaped dresses.

I want one of her awesome embellished necklaces! and some Holly Fulton earrings, please!

This collection makes me want to bust out some Santigold

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