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First Snow, First Month

December 16, 2009

I love going out & finding THE perfect Christmas tree. My father & I used to leave the city’s lights behind us for the day & ventured deep in to the country, trekking through knee high snow to find our beautiful Scotch Pine or our traditional Douglas Fir.
Unfortunately traditions are set aside for a year, seeing that I reside in the UK for the time being. That didn’t stop the boys & I from decorating our faux tree to the nines.

I think it’s quite fitting that on the day marking my one month in London, we have our first snow fall of the season. It’s beautiful. The change in weather however, made me nostalgic. One of my favourite times of the day is in the evening when I go out for my run/bike ride. The brisk London air hitting my already rosy cheeks, the smell of burning fireplaces & the glow of Christmas lights escaping the windowpanes & entering the streets makes me feel at home.
I love it here.
& it’s not because TopShop is a ten minute walk away?

Also, how cute is this number for a late night bike ride? Yes, please!

PM not AM
PM not AM by loveofyours featuring lutz


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