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Calender Girl

April 2, 2009

Is it me? Or am I the only MacBook owner who is attached to the hip to their iCal ?

SERIOUSLY though, without it things would never get done, concerts never booked… 2 week notices never given!

As I perused through mine today I was happily surprised to see I only have five more months on this continent before I vamoose to Londontown. Things could not go by any slower.

At least the sun is making itself be seen! Soon old traditions from last summer will arise. Here’s to the commencement of rooftop patios, mojitos in hand, staged photo shoots & drive-in movies.

An album that will be on heavy rotation in my headphones this summer: wolfgang amadeus phoenix.

Download your own copy of 1901 on their website


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  1. A★ permalink
    April 2, 2009 2:54 am

    i too am addicted to my iCal and cannot live without.
    i am counting down the day until out first rooftop mojito but NOT
    your departure!

    I cannot wait for another staged photo shoot on the way home from an epic night on the town with our lovely ladies


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